Sabine Bürger

Media Artist


An audio-visual collaboration with David Toop, involving 11 tracks of his 2020 album Apparition Paintings

7-channel video, 37:52 min

Apparition Paintings  A/V (2023)


Inspired by Einstein and Bergson's differing understanding of time

A 1-channel video in 5 parts

Einstein versus Bergson (2022)

An investigation into the female self

Self 2023 (2023) | 1-channel video and 3-channel video, 26:47 min

A video portrait of Dominique and Sylvain Levy, collectors based in Paris

2-channel video, 79:11 min

DSL Collection (2019-2022)

Self II 2023 (2023) | 1-channel video, 10:07 min


The jury stated "her works generate a many-faceted world using up to 12 video channels in a kaleidoscopic approach that spontaneously captivates viewers. Evolving with intricacy and employing audio elements provided by a range of musicians, she succeeds in creating a dialogue between the aural and visual."

Recipient of a City Artists Award 2023 for Apparition Paintings from NRW Kultursekretariat – Oct 27, 2023.